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by Tom Kolovos


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Published on June 13th, 2012 | by tomkolovos


EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Gosling rescues Plushie, the “Pets for Obama” dog, at Chicago Runway to Win fundraiser. Sort of.

You may have read this headline in The Independent this morning: “The fashion ambassador: is Anna Wintour set to become Barack Obama’s woman in London?”

You may have read this headline from The Cut blog: “Chanel Iman Replaced Iman at Anna Wintour’s Runway to Win Event Last Night.”

But I’m quite sure you have not read this:  aControlledSubstance.com EXCLUSIVE report on last night’s event in Chicago.

Let’s start with Anna Wintour’s opening remarks:

“I’m Anna Wintour, and I’m thrilled to be here. Before I make my remarks, I just want to tell you a little story, something that happened to me earlier this year. I was down in Washington for a meeting, and then I got a call … asking if I would meet with Ambassador Matthew Barzun, who is the national finance chair for the [Obama] campaign. And I had never met the ambassador before, so I thought, Oh, I’m sure he wants to talk to me about what folks say up in New York about the campaign or hear what I’m doing in terms of fund-raising or my views on Europe. And I did all my homework, and I went to our lunch with a big file, and he sat down and he said, “I want to talk to you about pets. Pets for Obama.” He said, “I’ve been so impressed with everything that the design community has done for the campaign, that I really think that they should now design a collection for pets.” So I then went back to New York and persuaded Marc Jacobs to do Bark for Obama [she held up a plush toy dog wearing an Obama sweater as the crowd cheered] and Thakoon to do a fantastic leash and collar. So, if you haven’t purchased one tonight, please do. That was my first meeting with the ambassador.” Anna Wintour

Chanel Iman makes her remarks.

Jim Messina, Obama campaign manager, makes his remarks.

End of the night. Crowd disperses. Anyone know where I should go?

This very handsome and kind man rescued me from Harpo Studios and took me to dinner at the Four Seasons Chicago……

Where his date for the night generously offered to take us after the Runway to Win event…..

Here we are at the dinner table with the nice lady that had NOTHING to do with me being rescued.

While I do not think that the handsome gentleman who rescued me is indeed Ryan Gosling, I do believe he had every intention of giving me a good home and is willing to pay for my formal adoption costs since I have already found my home with his wonderful brother Theo who has Down Syndrome and loves puppies. At least the lovely man did not try to give me a haircut or dress up as a police officer. Nor did he strap me to the roof of his car. Please don’t prosecute him. He did not steal me. He rescued me and stole my heart. My hero. THE END.

Tom Kolovos is EIC of aControlledSubstance.com and will not be rescuing any animals at the Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker fundraiser in New York city on Thursday, primarily because he was not invited.

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